What will I gain by taking this course?


Students who take BASE Online School of Evangelism will develop a keen awareness of God’s voice in their lives, and God’s heart for their community.  Upon completing the course, our prayer is that you will be able to share the Gospel confidently and passionately in any situation, you will be empowered to walk consistently in the strength and anointing of the Holy Spirit, and you will have developed lasting relationships with a network of radical believers from all around the world.  



What are classes like?


This course is 100% online, and is available to people from anywhere in the world.  Classes will feature enthusiastic teaching from Pastor Mattie Montgomery, during which you will be able to watch and learn as Mattie and his team teaches in-depth on how to share the Gospel and pray with people in real life scenarios. We will even have some live video conferences that will be open to any of our students (though, these will not be mandatory). 


Will this fit into my schedule?


We are very committed to making sure this course can accommodate people with any type of schedule.   With that in mind, our classes will work like this: Each Monday morning during the semester, the classes for that week will be posted online, and you will be able to log in and watch them at your own pace.  This will take only about 3 hours each week.   


How much does it cost?


$400 is the cost per student. If finances are an issue, we do offer a payment plan where smaller monthly installments can be made anywhere between 4 and 8 months. We also offer a group discount of 25% off for groups of 5 or more. After you fill out an application, we will contact you directly to discuss tuition, and even offer some help and suggestions in terms of financial aid.


What happens after I complete the course?


After completing BASE Online School of Evangelism, you will receive a LIFETIME invitation to our annual “BASE Camp”--an event hosted by Mattie and his team near our headquarters in North East Tennessee.  BASE Camp will be a weekend in which our students (past and present) come together with the instructors and with each other to worship God and be refreshed and empowered by the great Holy Spirit, to celebrate each other, and connect with passionate believers from around the world.  


Where do I start?


When applications become available, you will be able to submit one through our website.  We prayerfully consider each application to our BASE Evangelism Training Course, so not everyone will be accepted.  If you are accepted, you will then be given instructions to complete your registration, and get your student portal login information.