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Founder, Dunamis Movement, Brazil

Harvest Chapel, Abbottstown, PA, USA

President, The Comenius Institute, Indianapolis, USA

Derek Carr

Oakland Raiders

Mattie Montgomery carries a message to awaken the hearts of a generation. He is a passionate revivalist and one of the leading voices God is raising up in the Church to call the saints to awakening and the lost to Christ. He has partnered with Dunamis in bringing in the harvest across the nations and it has been always an honor to serve the Kingdom alongside such an excellent person like Mattie!

I can joyfully endorse "Awakening Evangelism", the ministry of Mattie Montgomery. He has an incredible anointing for evangelism which he has exercised in the music and entertainment industry, reaching a largely unchurched people group. His heart is intrenched in training and equipping believers to walk in their full authority as Sons and Daughters of God. This ministry will bring a fresh perspective to any group looking to grow in their understanding and revelation of receiving all that Jesus paid for."

If you want it weak, don't call Mattie. If you want same-ol'-same-ol', don't call Mattie. But if you care about passionate, transformational, Christ-centered, gospel-filled teaching which will set the course for the people in your ministry, then call Mattie. Mattie Montgomery is The Spirit-directed voice of this generation.

Mattie is one of the most spirit filled men I have ever met in my entire life. He doesn't just teach you and tell you about the Gospel, he shows you every single day. I haven't just learned about Yahweh's presence from Mattie; I have learned to experience his presence and hear his voice every single day by seeking Yahweh's face.

Todd White

Lifestyle Christianity

Not only was Mattie Montgomery the singer for the amazing band For Today that has performed before hundreds of thousands of people for years without compromising his Christian values, He also carried  the heart of Jesus off the stage amongst the crowd, many not saved. I have personally witnessed him love people and bring people to Jesus. Not to mention also that he preaches an amazing and very convicting message about what it means to live a life of  leading people to Jesus. His life is a witness like the gospel says we all should be. He's been a brother and a friend for years!

Damon Thompson

Damon Thompson Ministries

Many of you have heard of and have experienced how Yahweh has powerfully used Mattie Montgomery as a recording artist over the years. Although I celebrate him in this regard I have had the privilege to know another side of Mattie and Candice Montgomery, which is a burning heart to see souls brought into the Kingdom of Yahweh and a heart to see the people of God equipped to become an unstoppable force of evangelism in the earth. I am honored to have the opportunity to encourage you to allow this evangelistic grace on Mattie's life to be a resource in your life that will enable you to become unashamed in the proclamation of the gospel. I am filled with anticipation concerning how Holy Spirit will use BASE to impact our world with the greatness of the gospel of the Kingdom!

Ben Fitzgerald

Director, Awakening Europe

Mattie Montgomery has been a friend of mine for several years. Every time I am around him, I see a strong consistency of the love of Jesus flowing out of him toward others. When we go places we stop people, when I see him next there is always a story on his lips of how God has transformed someone through his simple yes. That's the reason  I'm so behind what he is doing through the BASE course, because he's not just a person teaching it, but one who's lives what he says. If your hungry to be free of the fear of man like that, and long for more of the boldness of God to flow through your life then this course is for you. It's simple, it suits everyone and it teaches you practical application that Empowers to become what Jesus intended you to be- a light that shines bright among men. 

Daniel Hagen

Senior Leader, Fire Church, Melbourne, Australia

Mattie Montgomery is an inspiration and is totally 100% sold out for Jesus. Mattie is a powerful preacher and teacher; and he is prepared to take the Gospel anywhere, even into dark and ugly places. If you want to be awakened, equipped, and empowered,  you should get onto BASE, Mattie's online evangelism training course.