About BASE

BASE is a ministry of The Altar Fellowship in Johnson City, TN.  This 8-week evangelism training course equips believers to touch and transform their world with the power of radical love, relentless courage, and timeless truth.  During this course, you will learn the essential truths and practices necessary to share the Gospel fearlessly in your everyday life.   


Upon completing the BASE Evangelism Training Course, our prayer is that you will have gained the confidence to communicate the Gospel boldly and accurately in any situation, and you will have joined a network of believers from all around the world -- with your instructors, your personal coach, and your fellow students -- who will encourage, support, and celebrate you as you continue to advance the Kingdom in your own community. 

Core Values

LOVE: (1 Corinthians 13:2)

We believe that love is the engine that drives the Gospel.  We are a people who have been loved wildly, so it is our joy to love wildly as we engage the world around us.  While fear seems to be devastating our generation, we cling tightly to the knowledge that “Perfect love casts out fear.”  So, we choose love, and we expect to see its power prevail every time.