BASE Online School of Evangelism exists to provide believers with practical training and direction to share the Gospel fearlessly in their everyday lives.  With powerful instruction from Mattie Montgomery, students are sure to come away with a greater fire for the Gospel, and a greater love for those around them.​

BASE is an 8-week course that happens every fall, and is fully mobile-optimized for the convenience of our students. Whether you are on a path to full-time ministry, or are pursuing a career in a non-religious arena, BASE will inspire and equip you to take the Gospel into the life that God has called you to. 

Once applications open, be sure to apply immediately to join a worldwide community of hundreds of individuals, ministers and church members, baristas and waiters, construction contractors and factory workers, hair-stylists and college students, even pilots and dog trainers, as we seek to gain a better understanding of the life of power and love that the Father has called us to - regardless of our occupation. May the Lamb that was slain receive the reward of His suffering.